Basic School Teachers Deserve Responsibility Allowance; Pay Them As Soon As Possible -Education Ministry Directed

MOE Headquarters-Accra 

Angel Carbornu, Presidents of the National Association of Graduate Instructors (NAGRAT), has stated that basic-level teachers need to be given a responsibility allowance.

Speaking at the NAGRAT National Council meetings a few days ago in Accra, the association’s outspoken head emphasized that most primary school teachers execute extra tasks as classroom supervisors but are not compensated.

In the same vein, Mr. Carbornu stated that housemasters and mistresses provide advice and counseling in addition to other services at the senior high level, but they are not compensated in any way.

“Teachers at Basic Schools fulfill roles such as Class Teacher, Housemaster/ Mistress, guidance and counseling coordinators, and so on, but they are not compensated.” He stated.

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According to Mr. Carbornu, his organization, together with other teacher unions, will exert all necessary pressure on her employer, GES, to fix this situation. “NAGRAT will engage with sister Unions to apply the required pressure on GES to solve this,” he stated.


These are only a few of the issues that have plagued a considerable number of teachers employed by the Ghana Education Service since time immemorial, such as wage arrears, promotion arrears, and other allowances such as car maintenance allowance and transfer grants.

These impacted teachers have blamed their union leaders for their problems. Many have said that the unions have been silent or have been less concerned about their plights, which has bred this threat.

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