How to Exit Your GES SIC Life Insurance Policy to Avoid Deductions


How to Exit Your GES SIC Life Insurance Policy to Avoid Deductions in Ghana 

The Ghana Education Service started offering life insurance to all teachers in 2018. Instructors were baffled as to how management at the headquarters could make such hasty decisions without proper discussion when the policy was unexpectedly imposed without the approval of any teacher or teacher's group. 

The cost per instructor was GHC 10, which would cover cancer in the event that a registered employee developed the condition. In order to improve teachers' welfare, one who has a permanent handicap will receive GHC18,000, while others with health conditions like stroke, blindness, loss of sight, loss of speech, renal failure, paralysis, and death in the line of duty would also receive GHC18,000. 


1. To download the GES SIC exit forms in PDF, click HERE

2. Fill out the forms with your information, including your name, staff ID, district or region, and contact information. 

3. To request a refund of the deduction, provide your momo number and bank account information. 

4. Don't forget to sign the documents. 

5. Finally, submit the forms to your district's GNAT, NAGRAT, or CCT-GH so that they can be processed for you.

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