Nothing can go wrong if you have a woman on your side – Vanilla Muzik

The idea behind the music videos for Vanilla Muzik's latest single, "La-La," was described. He claimed on Showbiz 927's Caleb Nii Boye that the presence of so many women in his song video is due to the fact that women are success magnets.

The Ghanaian singer thinks that relationships with women always turn out well. According to Vanilla, ladies act somewhat like a charm. 

"Let me tell you one thing about women: without them, nothing can go right, and everything can go wrong if they're involved. 

Their strength is that. God had given them that. They draw goodness and optimism. When accomplishing anything, you should have them on your side. 

Without women on their team, Vanilla believes that people are "losing out because they improve the world." 

As part of his creative process, Vanilla also discussed his motivation for and choice of feature, Medikal. 

"I've discovered that I'm unaware while I'm actually creating. I meant to say that what I had to go through to get here is probably what inspires me right now. But I'm not sure. It is therefore kept somewhere, and I create music whenever I discover a beat, catchy melodies, and the right atmosphere. 

When I produce music, I often draw on my past experiences. I carry with me historical inspirations that I was not previously aware of. That's how the magic works, too. Someone began discussing how to pronounce tablets for La-La (ta-ta-ta). And there was some rhythm in how it turned out. I've just had an idea pop into my head. I began signing "I shall die for your matter ta" in a stammering manner because of this. 

Medikal, according to Vanilla, is a decent person whose association would help his song and career. Available on all streaming services is "La-La."

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