Why I dumped law for comedy – Mc Lively

Nigerian comedian details why he left his study to pursue comedy

Nigerian comedian Michael Sani Amanesi, better known by his stage name Mc Lively, has explained why he decided to forgo getting a law degree in favor of comedy. 

Mc Lively described in an interview how it was difficult for him to use his legal degree after five years of study. 

He shared his experience and said that while he liked practicing law, he didn't feel fulfilled. 

He continued by saying that it was challenging to get people to comprehend why he left the legal field to pursue a career in comedy. 

Falz, a well-known rapper, was praised by Mc Lively as both an inspiration and a mentor. Falz is a well-known attorney and activist who decided to focus on his musical career. 

"I love law so much, and I've done well at it," he said. However, there is a huge conflict between what is learned at school and what one experiences in daily life. I mean, how am I supposed to pay for law school and then receive an offer of N5,000 a month right out of law school? 

I visited three or four different chambers before I even got that one. 

"Now consider what I would experience if I wanted to obtain a real job. 

When I was a law student, informing folks that I wanted to be a comedian caused a major difficulty. People frequently questioned why I went to law school for five years and then spent all that time working as a comedian. 

The comedian continued, "Most of the time, it's always simpler when there's someone who has already done that thing. And like Falz the Bahd Guy, who also studied law, I usually follow the rules. I just want to thank the boss for being one of my biggest mentors and inspirations.

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