According to Erkuah Official, TikTokers make thousands of cedis through advertisements and live videos.

 One of Ghana's most popular TikTok influencers discussed the financial benefits of becoming a star or influencer on the Day Show with Berla Mundi.

Erkuah discussed her life before to joining TikTok. She said that she had just enough money for two pairs of shoes and that she couldn't even afford to buy a wig for herself.

She now earns tens of thousands of cedis each week through TikTok.

"This is how we generate revenue. I charge you and create a video for you when companies like brands come to us and want us to market anything for them. promotion of songs. Also, we profit from live feeds.

Emma Ifeanyi and Wesley Kesse also discussed their TikTok success tales.

All three agreed that one might easily earn a total of Gh10,000 cedis ($1,000) in a day of active live broadcasting.

Emma Ifeanyi quit his job in a water packaging warehouse because his pay was just GHC 500, despite the fact that he was earning GHC 2,000 per week.

After returning home, I downloaded TikTok. And I earned GHC 2,000 in a single week. Since I was just started, in a week.

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